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Games using Blockchain: Control the tech - Control the game!

Games using Blockchain: Control the tech - Control the game!

Posted by: / on: 8/11/2018 4:08:52 AM

Blockchain technology has created an innovation in the field of gaming recently. The technology provides. How can games using Blockchain create competitive advantages from the technology when the market is already at its peak?

Blockchain - One step ahead in the race


The community, especially the expert coin traders, is quite familiar with the concept of “Blockchain” - The technology behind Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Applying this new technology to gaming will provide an efficient solution, improving games quality and enhancing players’ experiences by its following unique features.




As mentioned, Blockchain is the technology behind the famous cryptocurrency - Bitcoin. It means that, once blockchain is served as the core system of a game, it is likely to have a cryptocurrency as the game’s currency, which can be exchanged into fiat money. The thought of creating real value while entertaining makes Blockchain a dream tech for both gamers and game developer. .

Privacy and Security

One major advantage of Blockchain is its reliability in the privacy and security of users’ personal information. Blockchain, by nature, creates an “inviolable fortress”  in facing cyber attacks from hackers, as it's nearly impossible to tamper with data stored in the system.

Smart Contract

This additional application of Blockchain provides a fair and transparency tool for exchange activities and events in-game.

Blockchain Games Developers


8 Circuit Studios

The newcomer in the Game industry - 8 Circuit Studios, has gathered well-trained workforces from other famous brand names in gaming such as Nintendo, Microsoft, EA, etc. The company revealed its ambitious goal in applying Blockchain to build Metaverse, the digital universe envisioned in famous science-fiction movies like TRON and The Matrix. Blockchain will acts as an ecosystem connecting different game environments,  allowing games developer to “re-use” digital asset in these games. Also, the technology provides a higher security and privacy solution for games while maintaining low cost and fast transaction speed.


As one of the leading corporation in providing tech solutions and AR games, VBAEMU has just released a game applying Blockchain - ARhunter. The game uses Blockchain 3.0 to enable real value exchanging in a transparent and secure way. The in-game currency, which is also a cryptocurrency called VBA coin, can be used for both in-games and “out-of-the-game” transactions.

The promising ARhunter game project is awaiting for you investors as it is about to start an ICO game and ARK token sales. The estimated value for ARH token after the ICO is 1:1 when converting to VBA coin, used for ARhunter in-game payment and others game from VBAEMU.