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ARhunter: the most anticipated AR treasure-hunting Game of 2018

ARhunter: the most anticipated AR treasure-hunting Game of 2018

Posted by: admin / on: 8/8/2018 8:27:59 PM

AR Treasure Hunting Game has gaining popularity lately in the tech market as well as gaming community. This explains why ARhunter, the upcoming role-playing AR game with the “all-time-favorite” theme of hunting treasure and unique gameplay, is recently climb to the top of the wanted lists for most gamers.

The gaming market had undergone through ups and downs since its birth, making an unrecognizable transformation. From the cute 2D animated characters that can only run and jump to the charming 3D hotties done with special effects and twisting story plots, those whose has followed the gaming industry since the age of 4Bit games like are the ones deeply understand these changes. Now in the 4.0 technology evolution, game developers onces again started a tech-race in which took advances of the tech development to bring those fiction fantasies to life, providing a new type of gameplay based on a new platform. Rising above the competition is the new brand VBAEMU with its upcoming game ARhunter, promising to be a global hit and another name in that “Must-have” list of gamers.

The idea 


Renewing the old-fashioned treasure hunting games, ARhunter has a unique gameplay from the application of AR and Blockchain tech, which is shown in a series of real-time quest and events issued by the so called “Treasure Creators”. In the quest adventure, players have to complete missions and submissions such as killing bosses, collecting items, or answering questions from NPCs. Completing these tasks, players will receive a clue to find the wealthy treasure, which can be transferred into a cryptocurrency - VBA coin.

The idea of creating real value while entertaining is what make the game so promising, standing out in the AR game market, not to mention the capability of inter-trading between different games or platform and the growing value of the VBA coin once it’s listed on Crypto Exchanges.

More than just a game, ARhunter provides a new marketing method for individuals and organizations, creating income for both them and players.

ARhunter platform



Most of ARhunter’ competition advantages in comes from the application of a high-tech, in which the combination of augmented reality, Blockchain, smart contract, artificial intelligence, and Big Data. This tech-fusion brings out the strengths of each while eliminates the weaknesses to produce a superb outcome in which giving the most stunning yet realistic role-playing experiences for players.

It is undoubtedly that ARhunter project is the new standard both gaming world and AR treasure hunting game and will definitely create another worldwide hit that worth the wait in 2018.
For more information: arhunter.io