With the mission of providing a novel game-based marketing solution, ARhunter is expected to be an excellent and more outstanding choice when compared to the traditional offline event promotions that are highly priced.

Thanks to the application of Augmented reality technology (AR), ARhunter tends to combine the entertainment activities of users with the communication activities of customers through the game of treasure hunt. Accordingly, when the user plays the role of a bounty hunter, the event organizer has the right to initiate the treasure (where to place the treasure, what tasks to offer the players, etc.) at the event venue in order to attract players to participate in the event with the app of multi-dimensional space-scanning in the game. In this way, the gamers will be attracted by the game and get access to the promoted events and products in a completely natural way.

Blockchain TechnologyBlockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology

Augmented Reality technologyAugmented Reality technology

Augmented Reality technology

Smart ContractSmart Contract

Smart Contract


Early 2014

ARGcity Team founded

A group of AR programming experts gathered together under the name of ARGcity to jointly build an AR game. The idea was to make boring skyscrapers in big cities become more vibrant by using AR technology.

May 2015

ARGcity Game creation

The tests of ARGcity game and the possibility of developing frontend prototype on React Native were conducted. They attracted some investors, yet were not published to the media.

October 2016

End of ARGcity

ARGcity encountered budget problems while working on the project, yet failed to call for appropriate cooperation from investors.

January 2017

Start of ARhunter

It was the great success of VBAEMU to persuade the whole team to work at the company and develop ARhunter gaming project.

First quarter 2018

Document and Legal paperwork

Documents and legal paperwork were well prepared for the ARhunter ICO.

October 14 2018

ICO Starts

ICO starts

November 30 2018

ICO ends

ICO ends

December 15 2018

ARH listed on Exchanges

ARH is listed on cryptocurrency exchanges

First quarter 2019

VBA Blockchain and ARhunter smart contract tested

VBA blockchain is tested on testnet environment. ARhunter smart contract testing is conducted on VBA blockchain.

End of first quarter 2019

ARH Token synchronizes with VBA Coin

VBA coin mainnet is deployed, and ARH Token is synchronized with VBA coin.

May 2019

ARhunter Beta version

The beta version of ARhunter is released.

July 2019

ARhunter Ranking

Ranking activities are launched in the game.

October 2019

AR content-designing function

AR content-designing function is enabled for the whole community to join.



Token Amount: 864,000,000 ARH

Start date: 10/07/2018 00:00:00

End date: 10/12/2018 23:59:59

List price: 1 ARH = $0.035

Minimum amount: $10,000

Maximum amount: $100,000

Preferential price: 1 ARH= $0.025


Token Amount: 576,000,000 ARH

Start date: 10/14/2018 00:00:00

End date: 11/30/2018 23:59:59

List price: 1 ARH = $0.055

Minimum amount: $50

Maximum amount: $50,000

Preferential price: 1 ARH= $0.045


We only accept Ethereum

Fund Allocation

Photo allocation

Of the fund raised will be used for further AR technology, Blockchain, Smart Contract research and development.

Of the fund raised will be used for marketing campaigns.

Of the fund raised will be used for infrastructure such as office expansion, high-qualified staffs, etc.

Of the fund raised will be used for consultation with competent authorities.

Of the fund raised will be used for for legal consultancy services

Of the fund raised will be used for for arising issues.



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